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Sophie Turner & Maisie Williams at the Entertainment Weekly Comic Con Party Photobooth.


she’s beauty and she’s grace, she dropped her phone on her face

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I don’t even get jealous of other girls anymore tbh i get inspíred #growingup


this is painfully accurate.


Finally got around to doodling something from Monument Valley, an adorably perfect but too short mobile game….

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cloudjumper, toothless, stitch in Alphonse Mucha style.


Gay Movie Needs Your Help To Improve Honest LGBT Representation In Sci-Fi

A team of British filmmakers are aiming to produce a groundbreaking new science-fiction movie that not only stars two gay men in the lead roles, but hopes to pave the way for improved representation of LGBT characters in the film industry.

Credence follows a gay male couple preparing to sell their worldly possessions to fund their young daughter’s evacuation from Earth in the wake of violent storms predicted to decimate the planet. While they will likely save her life for the right price, they may need to sacrifice their own lives in the process… Read more and watch the trailer and a behind-the-scenes video.


you can join the blades!!


but we need you to kill paarthurnax 


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Nicki Minaj x Édouard Manet

I’m not sorry for reblogging this

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Many Ladies wear it this way

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